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Cooking Classes

Chef Eliza Gavin offers an Appetizer and Wine Pairing Class.

Chef will prepare 14 different appetizers throughout the class. You will learn cooking techniques, trade secrets and sample amazing appetizers. 7 different wines of the world will be paired with the appetizers to allow you to fully understand the delicate balance of wine pairing.

The class size is limited to 10 students in the Winter and 12 in the Summer. Small class size allows you to be fully engaged with the other students and with the Chef. You are able to ask questions to the Sommelier and to the Chef. It is a great learning experience and a fun way to try new wines.

The class takes place at 221 South Oak. In the Summer months, the garden patio is the perfect spot to enjoy appetizers and drink a glass of wine. Summer appetizer classes are mostly prepared on the grill. Winter classes take place in the pastry kitchen of 221.

Please inquire if you are interested in our Appetizer & Wine Pairing Class. Students have had such a rewarding experience, that they often return again!

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