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Other fun activities include:

Do you need a catered meal for your family or small gathering, but don’t have the time to hire a caterer? 221 South Oak has a solution for you. We now have a Pick Up Menu of our popular dishes at 221 South Oak which feeds 4 to 6 people. Interested in ordering? Click here for our order form. IMPORTANT! PICK UP DATE MUST BE AT LEAST 72 HOURS (3 DAYS) IN THE FUTURE.

221 South Oak is now open for the summer season. We now have tables in front of the restaurant in our new parklette. Now is the time to make reservations as we are filling up our bookings for the summer. To make a reservation, you can call 970.708.1437 or use Open Table.

Chef Eliza is available to cater your event or private cheffing. Please contact Chef Eliza for more information. Check out Chef Eliza’s new catering website by clicking here.

The schedule for Eliza’s Wine and Delectable Pairing classes for the summer season are Thursdays unless indicated otherwise. The dates for this summer’s classes are 10/5 and 10/12. Dates are subject to change. Learn how to cook appetizers, finger foods and canapes and pair them with wine. The classes feature a minimum of 12 dishes and 10 wines—usually it’s quite a bit more. The fee for the class is $225 per student (prices may vary with the busy season). Please email Eliza at to sign up for this course. Eliza is open to private classes and requests for classes not listed here.

The current featured artist for 221 South Oak is Marshall Noice. If you are interested in knowing more about the artist and his work please go to Slate Gallery’s website.

Award-winning chef and owner of 221 South Oak, Eliza Gavin, earned a spot in Season 10’s Top Chef competition on Bravo. The Summer of 2012 she left on a secret journey to film the show and to test her culinary talents against a select group of chefs from across the country.
In this class chef Eliza Gavin prepares 14 different appetizers. You will learn her cooking techniques, trade secrets and sample amazing appetizers. Seven wines of the world will be paired with the appetizers to allow a full understanding of the delicate balance of wine pairing.
Check out our current drink menu of artisanal cocktails. 221 South Oak has painstaking put together an eclectic offering of libations for the season with the help our master bartender. The list is crafted to enhance the unique flavors in chef Eliza’s cuisine.

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